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Custom Wedding Album and Photo Album Binding

Wedding Album With Clamshell Box, Guest Book

Preserve the memories of your special days with custom photo albums, wedding albums, photos frames, keepsake boxes and much more. Over the years, you’ll have various days that are more meaningful than the rest – weddings, anniversaries, births, retirement and other milestones are occasions that you’ll want to remember again and again. What better way to  enjoy those memories and keepsakes, than with a custom photo album and presentation box?

At Azalea Bindery, every wedding book and album is creatively designed and professionally constructed. We can even match your wedding colors with the linen, silk, lace, and decorative paper in the design of your wedding album. We can also provide you with albums for all the loved ones who helped with your special day. Albums for the parents of the bride and groom, guest books, wedding diaries, custom photo frames, and handmade keepsake boxes.

Why Create a Photo Album?

Photo Albums, Silk & Printed Paper With Ribbon Closure

A custom photo album allows you to capture images, memories, and keepsakes forever. When you select and save images of your new baby, an important religious ceremony, a graduation, anniversary, retirement, or bereavement, you create a family heirloom for yourself and for generations to come.

At Azalea Bindery, every photo album we create is beautifully designed and meticulously constructed using silk, linen, lace, and decorative papers. These lovely albums reflect the feelings of love and appreciation you experienced at the time of the event, as well as the value you place upon it.

Why Create a Wedding Album?

Wedding Albums With Inlaid Images & Box

After all of the planning and the enjoyment of the day itself, it’s important to capture the love shared with family and friends on this joyful day. You are creating memories that, with time, become truly priceless. A wedding album allows you to preserve the professional photos taken on your wedding day, transforming them into an heirloom album you and your family can appreciate for years to come.

We also offer parent albums, photo frames, guest books, and keepsake boxes that will keep the memories alive and souvenirs of your special day safe. You can also compliment and protect your custom wedding album with a beautiful presentation box.

What is the Azalea Bindery Wedding Collection?

Azalea Bindery Wedding Collection

The Azalea Bindery wedding collection is a beautiful assemblage of silk, linen and marbled paper. The 7 piece collection marks the happiest day of your life. This personalized grouping will be shared for years and even generations to come. 

It begins with an 11 x 15 digital wedding album carefully protected in a clamshell presentation box.  It includes (2) 6 x 8 parent albums, (1) 8 x 10 single mat photo frame perfectly suited for a mantle or table, (1) 5 x 7 double mat photo frame, a 7 x 10 guest book, and a 4 x 4 x 4 keepsake box.  The cloth and paper selections are timeless and can be coordinated with the hues and themes you choose for your wedding.  The Azalea Bindery Wedding Collection is a treasured keepsake or a lovely gift for a very special couple.

How Should Photo Albums And Wedding Albums Be Stored?

Wedding Album & Presentation Box, Mexico

Custom photo albums and wedding books can be an investment. Storing them in the right manner will allow you and your family to enjoy them for decades to come. A handmade album is best stored in a matching presentation box, which will prevent light, dust, and dampness from damaging the album.

It’s also important to use the right paper and adhesives to retain the quality of your photos. Storing your photos on non-archival paper or using the wrong adhesives can damage your photos and turn them yellow and brittle with age. Additionally, some plastic photo sleeves that are found in photo albums may degrade and cause photos to stick together. One can use mylar sleeves, which are safe to use with even the most treasured photos. At Azalea Bindery, we use archival glassine interleaves between each page to protect your photographs for the life of the album.

How Are Photos and Digital Images Handled?

Digital Wedding Album & Presentation Box

For a digital wedding album, a file drop box will be provided to you. For wedding and other life event albums, we request a file with 100-150 images to create a 60-page album. All pages will be professionally designed and printed on archival art paper of appropriate weight and color for your specific piece. 

You may choose to mount your own photographs, as an alternative. We offer a traditional album in several sizes that is perfect for mounting prints using adhesive corners. Each page is lined with a glassine interleaf so that the photographs never stick together and are protected for the life of the album.

Is Cover Art and Titling Available with Wedding Book Binding and Photo Albums?

Silk Wedding Album & Box With Inlaid Goatskin Label

Absolutely! We set type and use a hot foil stamping process which allows us to title your photo albums and presentation boxes. We can also create a metal die that will be utilized to print original imagery or a company logo on your pieces. Photographs or text can be inlaid on the photo album cover, to enhance your design ideas. Just let us know what you are looking for on your cover and we will work to meet those expectations to the best of our ability.

Are Azalea Bindery Custom Photo Albums Archival?

Yes, all materials from paper to cloth, board, and adhesives are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to be archival.

What Is the Cost of a Custom Wedding Album or Photo Album?

Photo Album Pages With Glassine Interleaves

The specific costs for customer wedding and photo albums depend upon the size, materials, design elements, and other factors. As an example, a 9” x 9” traditional print photo album covered with silk or linen starts at $300.00. Additional charges apply for cover inlay, cover photo, titling, die making, hand marbled end sheets, and printing. A digital custom silk or linen covered wedding album, 11” x 15” in size, with a matching presentation box starts at $1,495.00. Additional charges apply for cover inlay, cover photo, titling, die making, and printing.

How Do I Request an Estimate For a Custom Wedding Book or Photo Album?

Baby Girl Photo Album & Box

Because every wedding book or photo album is unique, and made to meet your design ideas and end use, it’s necessary to request a consult by providing some details about your book. The approximate size of the album you’re interested in, colors and materials, and any other design preferences will help us provide you with an accurate estimate. If you are seeking a custom made photo album please fill out our new book form.  We will respond in 5 business days to find out more about your photo album needs and get your job on the bindery schedule. 

Available Products in Our Wedding Album and Photo Album Line

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