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Custom Photo and Clamshell Boxes

Silk Wedding Box With Inlaid Image, 11×15

A custom presentation box, photo box, or clamshell box from Azalea Bindery helps preserve your most valued books, albums, prints, documents and other important keepsakes. Whether you want to protect and save precious photos from your family’s special events or you are a professional photographer who wants a beautiful and practical way to present prints to your clients, our custom photo and clamshell boxes are the way to go.

We can create the box using silk, linen, leather, and marbled paper, all made to your specifications, making it the perfect container for your photo prints and special keepsakes.

What Is a Custom Photo Box?

Print Box For Family Recipes


A custom photo box is a beautiful and practical storage container for prints, documents and keepsakes. The photo box will protect your prints from the light, heat, and moisture that, over time, can cause damage to them.

Our custom photo boxes can be made in silk, linen, or leather, and can be made to exactly fit your photo dimensions and the number of photos you wish to store. A custom photo box from Azalea Bindery provides safe storage and adds a touch of beauty to the room where it’s displayed. 

What Is a Clamshell Box?

Clamshell Box With 2 Additional Shelves To Hold Keepsakes


A clamshell box,  like a photo box, is used to protect books, photo albums, and keepsakes. The term clamshell refers to a particular type of box that is constructed with two trays attached to a case. Clamshell boxes are hinged with a spine, which allows them to be open flat. The box acts like the hinged shell of a clam, hence, the name.

One key advantage of a clamshell box is that the contents can be slid easily from the base of the box to lid without leaving the container. Or special shelves can be constructed. Thus, the contents stay protected. Clamshell boxes can be designed and constructed to include interior sections or compartments to separate different keepsakes.  A ‘drop lid’ box can have four sides in a clam shell case if the contents are meant to be fully contained. 

Why Is It Important to Print Photos If You Have Them Stored Digitally?

Box Protecting WW2 Prints, 20×20

In this day and age most photos are kept on smartphones, computers, and USB drives. So, why should you still have them printed when they are easily stored digitally? There are a number of reasons.

  • Photo prints have an actual presence. Unlike digital images that are rarely displayed, prints can be framed or presented in various physical ways. Being able to see the smiles on your loved ones’ faces is a visual reminder of specific heartwarming and inspiring memories. 
  • You can curate smaller, more specific, collections. Maintaining a printed photo collection means that you can narrow down your selection of images to the best of the best. You can choose your finest shots for printing and saving and delete the rest.
  • Technology can fail. Even the very best technology can be damaged and fail. Hard drives might corrupt, paid cloud storage providers can go out of business, smart devices break, which is why we should always backup our digital data. Printing your photos is a simple backup tool.
  • Prints of photos last. Printed photographs can be heirloom items. They should be created to last – to pass down through generations. The photo album on your phone or laptop is temporary. Printed photos, when well-cared for, can last far longer than your lifetime.

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Are Azalea Bindery Photo Boxes Archival?

Yes. All of the materials used, from paper to cloth to board to adhesives, are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to be archival.What Is the Cost of a Custom Photo Box or Clamshell Box?

Clamshell Box Black Moire Silk, 12×12

The price of photo boxes and clamshell boxes can vary. An 8.5” x 11” x 2” custom silk or linen covered photo box or clam shell box starts at $350.00. For a 20” x 20” x 2” custom silk or linen covered clamshell box, you can expect it to start at $700.00. Additional charges will apply for cover inlay, cover photo, titling, die making, and printing.

Because every photo box or clamshell box is unique, and custom made to meet your design ideas and end use, it’s necessary to request a consult by providing some details about the box you’re looking for. Please email Rachel our Administrative Assistant if you are interested in Azalea Bindery creating a custom storage box. She will contact you in 5 business days to get the specifics of your custom storage box needs. We will work with you to design the perfect enclosure to meet your needs.


How Long Does a Photo or Clamshell Box Take to Deliver?

Clamshell Box, Linen & Marbled Paper, 11×15


We are scheduling new jobs around 12 months from now. Please let us know if you have a rush job. 

For the box to fit its contents exactly, it is helpful to have the book, album, prints, or loose document available for measurement. 

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