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Azalea Bindery is no longer accepting new book or book repair requests at this time.

Azalea Bindery Keepsake Boxes

A keepsake box from Azalea Bindery is a gorgeous way to store, jewelry, treasures, letters, and other favorite memorabilia. The boxes are functional and compliment any room in your home or office. We make our keepsake boxes using silk, linen, and marbled paper, creating a striking object d’art to grace a dressing table, chest of drawers, coffee table, or desk.

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Why Use an Azalea Bindery Keepsake Box?

One advantage of a keepsake box is that the contents can be slid easily from the base of the box to lid without leaving the container. Or special shelves can be constructed. Thus, the contents are easily accessed yet stay safe. Keepsake boxes can include multiple interior shelves or compartments to separate different keepsakes.  Or, a ‘drop lid’ box can have four sides in a clam shell case if the contents are meant to be fully contained.

Azalea Bindery Collections Make Thoughtful Gifts

Azalea Bindery created this collection for you and for those you care about.  If you or someone you love keeps a journal, loves writing in note pads, takes lots of pictures and needs photo frames and albums, or would treasure a beautiful handmade box, please have a look at our offerings. Beautiful handmade gifts make others feel special because your gift shows you value their ideas and creative instincts.  Each journal, guest book, photo album, photo frame, note pad, or keepsake box is as unique as each person in your life.  And, handmade craft is a always a celebration of our history, our contemporary lives and our living culture.

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