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Azalea Bindery is no longer accepting new book or book repair requests at this time.

Azalea Bindery Note Pads

People love to write on note pads, it’s just a fact. There’s something about them that leads to confidence and creativity. It’s hard to say why the note pad is such a classic piece for artists, writers, and professionals but there’s just something nice about writing on one. In the same way that a #2 pencil is intuitive and feels right, the note pad gives off an air of accomplishment.

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Why Use a Note Pad from Azalea Bindery?

We all like to express ourselves in little ways.  What we enjoy and how we view our lives  are important sentiments.  Entering a meeting or conference with a note pad from Azalea Bindery under your arm is a message to your friends and colleagues that you enjoy your life.  It indicates you notice things and appreciate beauty. Azalea Bindery note pads last for years and hold replaceable standard size pads, sizes 5×8 and 8.5×11.  They also make a great gift for a budding or well ensconced professional who delights in demonstrating their uniqueness. They’re great for meetings at the office or zooming in from home!


Azalea Bindery Collections Make Thoughtful Gifts

Azalea Bindery created this collection for you and for those you care about.  If you or someone you love keeps a journal, loves writing in note pads, takes lots of pictures and needs photo frames and albums, or would treasure a beautiful handmade box, please have a look at our offerings. Beautiful handmade gifts make others feel special because your gift shows you value their ideas and creative instincts.  Each journal, guest book, photo album, photo frame, note pad, or keepsake box is as unique as each person in your life.  And, handmade craft is a always a celebration of our history, our contemporary lives and our living culture.

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